The Beasons / by Joseph Bulger

"I always had the idea that falling in love and getting married would be quite difficult, if not impossible, for someone with scattered pieces. Someone who isn't sure if she even has all the pieces. You came into my life, Bunny, and showed me that I didn't have to have all my pieces or even know where they all are to make something beautiful. As we journey to become soulmates I have found and collected more pieces of myself than I ever knew I had. More than that, I had begun to love the pieces that I had that were damaged. I have fallen in love in love with you over and over again. I love you for putting your love and your time and lots and lots and lots of patience in me to bring out the beautiful belongings that I love most about myself that others skimmed over or found too hard a task. I wonder all the time how I fell upon a love so healing and constant."

Angel Beason's beautifully written vows to her husband Brock